AIT Summer Term

In addition to the regular Fall and Spring semesters, AIT offers a 5-week-long program in the Summer. The Summer Term  consists one 4-credit course on Mobile Software Development and one 2-credit course on Budapest Studies for a total of 6 credits.

Students can take Summer courses at AIT in two ways: either independently, for those students wishing to participate in AIT’s partial curriculum during the summer only, or as an extension of the regular Spring Semester in order to receive additional credit.This last option might be especially attractive to students whose home institutions operate on a quarter system, as this way, between the regular Spring Semester and the Summer Term, they can complete sufficient credits for two regular quarters.

Mobile application development is one of the newest and most exciting areas of information technology. Mobile Software Development is a course that blends theory and practice, ultimately allowing students to develop, design, and implement their own mobile “apps.” Participants of the IT Entrepreneurship course and the User Interface Design course are especially encouraged to participate in this course as well in order to realize the user interface designed in the UID course and test the viability of the business plan completed in IT Entrepreneurship course.

Budapest Studies is a 2-credit course on the past and present of Budapest (from the Roman times till the present), as well as some development dilemmas the city has faced and is facing right now. This course has been specifically designed for students studying computer science and entrepreneurship and who are interested in human studies at an academic level.  The course aims to provide insight into the rich heritage of Budapest based on recent academic approaches.


Title Faculty Credits
Mobile Software Development Péter Ekler, Éva Ekler-Antal  4 credits
Budapest Studies Mariann Schiller  2 credits


The cost of the Summer Term  is $3,000 for regular Spring Semester students, and $3,500 for those only participating in the Summer program.

Application deadline for the Summer Term is March 1. Application deadline is extended to March 15.

Application form is available here
Academic Calendar is available here.