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Students can take Summer courses at AIT in two ways: either independently, for those students wishing to participate in AIT’s partial curriculum during the summer only, or as an extension of the regular Spring Semester in order to receive additional credit. If you would like to apply for the Summer Term as an extension of the Spring Semester please go to this link.

If you would like to apply only for the month-long summer program read this information carefully and fill out the form hereunder.

AIT Summer Term will be offered between May 27 – June 21 2013. The Summer Term consists one 4-credit course on Mobile Software Development and one 2-credit course on Budapest Studies for a total of 6 credits. For detailed information please visit the Summer Term page.

On the application form below, you will be asked to give the names and e-mail addresses of two computer science, mathematics, or engineering professors who will write letters of recommendation for you. When you submit your application, these professors will automatically receive an e-mail informing them how to submit their letters, so it is important that you have already received consent to list their names.

Finally, to complete your application, please send an official copy of your transcript (postmarked on or before the application deadline) to the AIT North American office: AIT - North America, PO Box 1244, Claremont, CA 91711.


Due to the novelty and growing interest in the Summer Term 2013, application is extended:

Application deadline for students who do not need visa to enter the European Union (e.g.  U.S. citizens,  European Union citizens) is March 15, 2013.
Application deadline for students who are required to hold visa to enter the European Union is February 15, 2013. (Visa application process usually takes 2 month hence the earlier deadline, please allow sufficient time for the visa application process.)