Gábor Bojár

Dr. András Recski
Academic Director
Email: arecski [at] ait-budapest [dot] com

Barbara Rotter
Program Director
Email: brotter [at] ait-budapest [dot] com

Dorka Székely
Director of Student Services
Email: dszekely [at] ait-budapest [dot] com

Ákos Kocsány
Student Coordinator
Email: akocsany [at] ait-budapest [dot] com

Anita Bánhalmi
Program Assistant
Email: abanhalmi [at] ait-budapest [dot] com


Nóra Bojár
Managing Director
Email: nbojar [at] ait-budapest [dot] com

Dr. Ran Libeskind-Hadas
North American Co-Director

R. Michael Shanahan Endowed Professor and Department Chair
Department of Computer Science 
Harvey Mudd College
Email: hadas [at] cs [dot] hmc [dot] edu

Dr. Michael Orrison
North American Co-Director

Professor of Mathematics
Harvey Mudd College
Email: orrison [at] math [dot] hmc [dot] edu

Jody Orrison
Administrator (*Initial AIT-Budapest Contact: Applications, Program Info., Financial Matters...)
Email: jorrison [at] ait-budapest [dot] com, Phone: (909) 971 7657

general contact information

Email: info [at] ait-budapest [dot] com
AIT NACD, PO Box 1244, Claremont, CA 91711  Phone: (909) 971 7657 (Jody)

or AIT-Budapest, Záhony u. 7., Budapest 1031, Hungary  Phone: +36 1 815 3451 (Dorka)