For students wishing to learn some “survival” Hungarian before the AIT semester starts, an intensive 11–day long language course is offered in downtown Budapest by AIT’s partner, the Babilon Language School.

From 2024 Fall the fee of the course is $460

About the course

The survival Hungarian course has been designed for English-speaking university students studying in Hungary. It is an intensive 11-day long course in downtown Budapest preceding the start of the AIT-Budapest Fall or Spring semesters. The program includes:

  • in-class language lessons held by professional teachers (in 2022 spring online lessons)
  • textbook
  • outdoor activities to practice the language elements in real life situations
  • an official welcome and farewell session
  • a welcome dinner with culinary and cultural insights
  • a guided tour discovering the neighborhood
  • a cultural movie night
  • a certificate of completion (but no transfer credit)

Good to know

  • Beyond the above mentioned, Babilon Language School is offering optional extracurricular activities for additional fees. Field trips are organized in the afternoons and on the weekends focusing on different aspects of history, art and design, Jewish heritage or visiting other cities outside of Budapest. 
  • This survival language course is not part of the AIT-Budapest program; it should not be confused with the slower-paced Hungarian language course offered for credit by AIT-Budapest during the semester.
  • AIT highly recommends participating in the survival Hungarian course for learning useful phrases in Hungarian, for the social aspect and for gaining confidence in the navigating the city by the time classes start at AIT.
  • AIT recommends arriving to Budapest a few days earlier to reduce jet lag before classes start.

How to apply 

All students accepted to AIT are eligible to take part in the survival Hungarian course. Applicants wishing to take the course only need to indicate their interest when filling out the AIT application form (if missed to indicate interest on the application form, students may apply via email to AIT NACD before the deadline).

Add and Drop

Add and drop deadline for the language course is December 1 for spring semesters and July 1 for fall semesters.

Tuition fee

The fee for the language course for is $410 and (from 2024 Fall $460), to be paid to AIT North America, Inc.

Late applications, withdrawals, and refunds

If a student misses the add deadline, there is still a chance to participate in the language course on an available space basis (admission and housing are not guaranteed), if the request is submitted no later than 10 days before the start of the language course. There is an add fee of approx. 75 USD for late addition; and the total amount of the language course tuition and the late fee (total HUF 115,000) is due on the first day of the course in HUF. Cash only. 

If a student withdraws from the language course after the add/drop deadline, but before the first day of the course, a 125 USD administrative fee will be deducted from the refund amount.

If a student withdraws from the language program on or after the first day of the course he/she will not receive any type of tuition refund.