AIT helps students find reasonable accommodation for their stay. Following acceptance to AIT, students should complete the Room Match Form electronically on the website. We try to find the most suitable accommodations for the semester in Budapest. After collecting all housing requests, apartments will be assigned randomly by ballot.

Housing during the Covid-19 pandemic

What will housing be like?
AIT will no longer offer shared bedroom accommodation. Only single occupancy bedroom apartments and studios will be available to facilitate better social distancing and self-isolation when needed. Students may not elect to live in apartments that are not approved by AIT. Only AIT approved housing will be available. Please note that AIT approved apartments are located in the Budapest downtown area. Commuting to AIT using public transportation is an everyday routine and it takes approximately 40 minutes both ways!

Will there be separate housing for those who need to quarantine with or without symptoms?
Yes, AIT is working to maintain a number of apartments that will be available to those who need to quarantine temporarily because they tested positive or need isolation because they were in contact with someone who tested positive or displayed Covid-like symptoms. Students in temporary quarantine housing will be assisted by AIT staff members and health care professionals when needed.


Generally, 2-5 students will share a two-five bedroom apartment. Housing options will be specified on the Room Match Form. All apartments are non-smoking and equipped with internet connection, linens, sheets, a washing machine (clothes dryers are rarely used in Hungary), and a fully equipped kitchen. Cleaning service once a month is included in the utility fee.


Students often like to take advantage of Budapest's spectacular cultural offering and vibrant night life, so AIT offers accommodation in the city center. Living downtown is more convenient for evening programs and on weekends, but this will entail a 40-50-minute commute every day to the AIT Campus. Students will purchase a transportation card, for unlimited use. In most cases, they will have access to transportation 24/7.

Rental fee

The monthly rental fee + utilities is payable in Hungarian forints to landlords at the beginning of each month. Also one month security deposit for incidental damages is required which should be provided together with the initial rental fee and will be returned upon moving out.

Monthly fees for living in a shared apartment having an own bedroom:

Rent $365-500*
Utilities $85-140

*The lowest cost here indicates a smaller sized bedroom in a shared aparment. In our Room Match Form we offer the possibility to choose this option, but these options are limited.

Monthly fees for living alone in a studio apartment:

Rent $650-800
Utilities $120-165

In a typical Spring and Fall semester, students are paying 4 month rental fee + utilities. Those, who arrive earlier for the optional language course, pay an extra half month rent + utilities. Click here for calculations of all possible scenarios at AIT (Summer term - 5 weeks, Fall or Spring semesters - 14 weeks, and extended semesters with optional language course - 16 weeks).

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the 10-day long self-isolation is still the law in force (with sometimes inconsistent enforcement) in Hungary, therefore arrival 10 days prior to the program start date is strongly recommended. Please note that for this reason in 2022 spring semester AIT arranged housing is booked for all students from mid-January, so the second half month rent for January is payable regardless of your arrival date.

Currency exchange note: estimations below were calculated at the most usual 290 rate (1 USD / HUF) this figures may change as the HUF/USD exchange rate is subject to great volatility.


Please fill out the Room Match Form no later than 2 weeks after acceptance. If you have a roommate request, please indicate this in the appropriate box.